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Puerto Penasco

Puerto Vallarta


"The 'Greater Bank' Did Over 1 Billion In Loans By Offering A Free Vacation Incentive To It's Clients To Close The Deal"

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We actually own the fastest growing online travel company in the world, called BookVIP.com and have exclusive arrangements with some of the top hotel and resort developers that not even the other leading online travel companies have. 

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You have the ability to double or even triple sales on your existing traffic.

For your customers, there are no timeshare presentations to attend or hoops to jump through to get their vacation.  They simply pay the $19.70 per night resort taxes and can travel anytime in the next 18 months. This is a $1,500 value you are giving to your clients to skyrocket your sales!

BookVIP.com makes it’s money from upgrades, repeat travel and referrals…. Essentially gaining more and more market share and loyal customers for the future.

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